RGB LED, Diffused, DIP (5mm / 10mm)

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Diffused RGB Common Anode LED makes some beautiful colors with this diffused 5mm / 10mm tri-color LED with separate red, green and blue LED chips inside! They make a nice indicator, and are fun to color-swirl.


  • 5mm / 10mm diameter
  • Tricolor Red(R) Green(G) Blue(B) Common Cathode(CC), R:620nm-625nm / G:515nm-523nm / B:450nm-467nm, Luminous Intensity(Brightness): R:1000-2000mcd / G:4000-5000mcd / B:3000-4000mcd, Viewing Angle: 20-50 Degrees
  • Parameters : DC 1.8V-2.2V(R) 3V-3.4V (G/B) Volt 20mA, Polarity (2 V) : Cathode "-" (Longer Leg) | Anode "+" (Shorter Leg),Foggy Round Small Lens
  • Led diode(Through Hole DIP 4pins leads mini LEDs Set) Three Colour
  • Compatible with: DIY PCB Board Circuit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Hobby, Science Experiments, Throwies Project, Breadboard, Bulb, Bulk Parts Replacement
  • 4 pin, Tiny Bright Light, Low Voltage & Low Power Consumption, 1.8v 2.2v 3.2v 3.4v

Package Includes:

1x   RGB LED, Diffused, DIP

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