Relay Module 2-channel, 5V/30A High/Low Level Trigger with Optocoupler Isolation

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  • Using double-sided FR-4PCB board
  • Using high-power relay, control the load up to 30A
  • With each optocoupler isolation, anti-interference ability
  • Black 9500 terminals, more convenient for high-current wiring
  • Each circuit has a relay on LED indication
  • The module can be jumper activated to set a high or low level.
  • The modules comply with international safety standards with isolation slots in the control and load areas


  • PLC automation equipment control, industrial system control, internet of things control, home intelligent control, electronic hobbyist development experiment, all kinds of circuit modification
  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Quiescent current: 5mA
  • Maximum operating current: 190mA / 80mA / 50mA
  • Trigger mode: low trigger, high trigger
  • Load voltage: DC 30V or AC 250V
  • Load current: 30A
  • Relay life: more than 100,000 times
  • Size: 72 * 70 * 22mm (L * W * H)

Trigger voltage range:

  • 5V low trigger module: 0-2VDC relay on (ON), 3-5VDC relay off (OFF)
  • 5V high trigger module, 3.3-5VDC relay (ON), 0-2.5VDC relay off (OFF)


  1. DC +: module DC power supply positive (trigger terminal voltage positive)
  2. DC-: module DC power supply negative (trigger terminal negative voltage)
  3. IN: signal trigger end (the default trigger voltage is the same as the power supply)
  4. High / Low edge trigger mode selection, when the jumper is connected with the L terminal, the terminal is low edge trigger, and when connected to the H terminal it turns high level
  5. Normally closed end (NC): Relay normally closed.
  6. Common (COM): common relay
  7. Normally open (NO): The relay is normally open.

Compatible For:
Raspberry, Arduino, AVR, PIC, DSP, ARM, or TTL logic

    Package includes:
    1 × Relay Module  2-channel,  5V/30A High/Low Level Trigger with Optocoupler Isolation
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