Raspberry Pi Heat Sink Set, Aluminum

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Raspberry Pi Heat Sink Set of 3 is for the Raspberry Pi models B, B+, 2, and 3. One large heat sink raspberry pi for the ARM processor and two small heat sinks one for the LAN controller the other for the 3.3V regulator. These pure aluminum heat sinks include adhesive thermal tape for efficient thermal transfer to the heat sink providing additional cooling to the electronics they are attached to. These heat sinks have profiles that are short enough to fit within standard Raspberry Pi cases. These heat sinks can be used with other devices such as the Beaglebone to cool processors, regulators, etc.

  • Lightweight aluminum heatsinks with adhesive backing strip to stick firm
  • With thermal transfer peel-and-stick tape
  • Help keep your Pi cool while overclocking!
  • Fits the CPU/RAM, Network, and Power chips on the Raspberry Pi
  • Material: Pure Aluminum
  • Aluminum Heatsink For Raspberry Pi 3 Includes:
    2 pieces - 8.8mm x 8.8mm x 5mm (0.35in x 0.35in x 0.20in) aluminum heat sinks
    1 piece - 14mm x 14mm x 6mm (0.55in x 0.55in x 0.24in) aluminum heat sink

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