PIC ICD2 Microcontroller Universal Programmer

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Multi-Support PIC Microcontroller Universal Programmer Seat Support ICD2 Kit2 KIT3


PIC microcontroller minimum system board/development board / universal programmer seat, dual-function board, user-friendly development, support all PIC microcontroller.

  • LED can be connected to any I / O
  • Crystal Oscillator interface is easy to convert, can be connected to any pin to meet all IC
  • A button (can as reset key)
  • All I / O external expansion
  • Auxiliary power expansion port
  • On line download SIP6 / on line debug interface
  • DC power connector
  • Single-line 18B20 temperature detection interface
  • Infrared receiver interface
  • COM port lead (PIC16F877A based)
  • I2C interface (based PIC16F877A)
  • Board size: 106 x 52mm double-panel
Package included:
1 x Programmer seat
1 x 12M crystal oscillator
1 x 6 Pin-1 Pin Dupont line
5 x 1 Pin-1 Pin DuPont line

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