MQ-9 Gas Leakage Sensor (LPG, CO, CH4)

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Sensitive material MQ-9 gas sensor is used to clean the air in the lower conductivity of tin dioxide (SnO2). Detection method using low-temperature cycling (1.5V heating ) to detect carbon monoxide, conductivity sensors with carbon monoxide in the air increased with increasing gas concentration, spurious adsorption at high temperatures (5.0V heating ) detection of combustible gases methane, propane, and cryogenic cleaning gases. It’s conductivity increases as the concentration of sensing gases increases. It has also some sensitivity to flammable gas. MQ9 Carbon Monoxide gas sensor can be easily interfaced with Microcontrollers, Arduino Boards, Raspberry Pi, etc using an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC).


  • Low Cost
  • Stable and Long Life
  • High sensitivity to Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Small sensitivity to Flammable gas
  • Simple drive circuit
  • Analog and Digital Outputs
  • Trigger Level configuration Potentiometer


  •  Input voltage: DC5V 
  • Power consumption (current) : 150 mA 
  • AO output: 0.1-0.3 V (pollution-free)
  • Highest concentration of voltage: Approx 4 V 
  • Detection range of alcohol: detection range of 10 ~ 1000 PPM
  • Circuit Voltage: 5V ±0.1 AC or DC
  • Heating Voltage: 5V ±0.1 AC or DC
  • Load Resistance: 10KΩ
  • Heater Resistance: 31Ω ±5% at Room Temperature
  • Heating Consumption : < 800mW
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
  • Analog Output (AO): 0~5V analog output voltage
  • Digital Output (DO): 0V or 5V output
  • Configuration: Through Potentiometer (adjusts the output level transition)
  • Preheat Duration: 20s
  • Weight: 5g
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 19 mm

Connection mode: 

  1. VCC: Positive (5 v) 
  2. GND: Connect power negative 
  3. DO: TTL switch signal output
  4. AO: Analog signal output

Package Includes:
1x MQ-9 Gas Leakage Sensor (LPG, CO, CH4)
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