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With this weather station, you can easily get information about the current weather, weather history, and weather forecast in your place of residence. The station also acts as a control unit and with the help of two relays, it is possible to connect various devices controlled on the basis of the current weather, both automatically and manually using the web environment. You can get weather information at the station's location anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

This listing includes 1 set of spare parts (outdoor unit) for the Professional Weather Station.


  • Outdoor temperature range: -40.0 °C to +65.0 °C
  • Indoor temperature range: 0 °C to + 50.0 °C
  • Humidity range: 10% to 99% (1% resolution)
  • Rain volume display: 0 - 9999 mm. Resolution: 0.3 mm (if rain volume < 1000 mm), 1 mm (if rain volume > 1000 mm)
  • Wind speed: 0~100 mph


Wind Speed Sensor

Record wind speed & gust


Wind Direction Sensor

Display wind directions


Rain Gauge Sensor

Monitor rainfall & empty itself


AM2315 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor I2C

Monitor outdoor temperature & humidity


Installation Rack 



Includes the below parts:

1). Wind speed sensor (1 unit)

2). Wind direction sensor (1 unit)

3). Rain gauge sensor (1 unit)

4). AM2315 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor I2C (1 unit)

5). Installation rack (1 unit)

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