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The multifunction Bluetooth-controlled robot car is an upgraded version of the auto-walking car, which added the Bluetooth control part.
The Bluetooth-controlled robot car pendant is a microcontroller application development system, based on Arduino AtMega-328p. It has the function of hunting, obstacle avoidance, and remote control. And also able to expand external modules to increase auto's function.

Operating voltage: 7V -12V
Decelerate 1:48 ratio motors, 6V voltage unit
Uses L298N driver module, real isolation for MCU
Three groups of hunting module (detect black and white lines), greater precision
The infrared remote communication module, consisting of the intelligent car to be a remote control system
Bluetooth wireless communication module (short-range wireless remote control)
With an economical and environmentally friendly rechargeable battery and charger
Can be equipped with a variety of sensor modules, depending on your imagination to achieve a variety of

Package Including:
4 x Gear Motor
4 x Pneumatic tires
4 x Motor mounting/fastener
1 x Servo motor
1 x Pan-tilt servo mount kit bracket
2 x Acrylic glass plate (130x230x5mm) (130x230x3mm)
1 x L298N motor driver
1 x Arduino Uno R3 controller board
1 x USB cable (0.5m)

1 x V5 onboard sensor 1 x Support kit
1 x Ultrasonic module
3 x Inductive Line module
1 x Infrared receiver module
1 x Remote control MCU 1 x
18650 battery holder
1 x Bluetooth adapter
40 x DuPont wires
15 x Pillars (6x35mm / 3x20mm / 6x6mm)
46 x Screw (30x5mm / 10x5mm / 6x5mm / 5x7mm)
34 x Nuts
CD disc
Electrical tape
DuPont line wrap
Cable tie

CH340G Driver

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