ePaper Breakout Board - 24-pin FPC connection, compatible with Xiao series

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The ePaper Breakout Board is an extension board, built with 24-pin FPC connector, designed for SeeedStudio XIAO series boards, for allowing you driving ePaper display seamlessly. It also comes with a 8-pin 2.54 header, letting you connect to any microcontroller like Arduino UNO or Rasbperry Pi. It is suitable for a wide range of ePaper displays, from small to large sizes. Supporting by different functional SeeedStudio XIAO boards and without any soldering, this extension board can be easily deployed in various scenarios.

·         ePaper display extension designed for Seeed Studio XIAO boards: Provide 24-pin FPC connector, to allow you driving ePaper display seamlessly

·         Additional 8-pin 2.54 Header: Offers flexibility by letting you connect to any microcontroller like Arduino UNO or Rasbperry Pi

·         Plug and Play: All pins are led out, no soldering is needed


·         Digital Signage: Use the ePaper Breakout Board to create dynamic and energy-efficient digital signs.

·         E-Readers: Build your own customized e-reader with features tailored to your needs.

·         Smart Home Control Panels: Integrate the board into a smart home system for a sleek and modern control panel.

·         Retail Price Tags: Create electronic price tags for a more efficient and eco-friendly retail experience.

·         Educational Tools: Develop interactive educational materials that can be easily updated and are energy-efficient.

Pin Definition:

ePaper to XIAO

·         RST - D0

·         CS - D1

·         DC - D3

·         BUSY - D5

·         SCK - D8

·         MOSI - D10

Package Included:
1x ePaper Breakout Board
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