DC Water Pump (12V DC Pump R385 Air Diaphragm Pump, with Buckle)

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12V DC Pump (R385 Air Diaphragm Pump) with silicone buckle can be used as water pump. R385 diaphragm pump can move water without too much noise. This pump can be used in aquariums and watering systems.


  1. Made of high quality material, durable and long service life
  2. Small body and high temperature resistance , it is a good part for choice.
  3. Great workmanship and the pump can provide stable performance.
  4. The inlet and outlet are fixed caliber, and the outer diameter of the inlet is 7mm, easy to install
  5. Suitable for transparent tea pots, water pumps, aquarium, etc.


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Model: 385HPC-9
  • Applicable Water Temperature: 5-100℃
  • Inlet Pressure: 0.3MPA
  • Operating voltage: DC6-12V (recommended 9V1A 12V1A)Current: 1A
  • Power: 4.8W
  • Inlet and Outlet: Fixed Caliber
  • Outside Diameter of the Inlet: 7mm
  • Weight: Approx. 112g / 4.0oz

Package includes:
1 x DC Water Pump 12V DC Pump R385 Air Diaphragm Pump
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