Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

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The Crowtail-Starter kit for Arduino is a perfect Kit for beginners to get started with the Arduino in a fun and easy way.
The Crowtail-Starter kit for Arduino includes 20 interesting and instructive tutorials, from simple to difficult, step by step to familiarize you with electronic modules, exercise your logical thinking and develop your ideas. It is worth mentioning that this kit contains 22 electronic modules(including Crowtail-Base Shield and Crowduino Uno SD), each module has its own feature and functions. Each module is carefully selected for beginners of Arduino and it is ideal for introductory learning and inspiration.


  • Various Crowtail modules with different functions
  • Plug and play, no troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring.
  • More than 20 creative tutorials and 22 well-selected electronic modules.
  • Well-designed packaged, soft internal slot structure with clasp, protecting and settling the modules very well.


  • Package weight: 635g
  • Package size: 11.5 x 8 x1.5inch

Package list:

  • Crowduino Uno-SD x1 
  • Crowtail - Base Shield x1
  • Crowtail - Button x1   
  • Crowtail - Switch x1  
  • Crowtail - Buzzer x1     
  • Crowtail - LED(Red) x1     
  • Crowtail - LED(Green) x1     
  • Crowtail - LED(Yellow) x1     
  • Crowtail - Logic AND x1     
  • Crowtail - Logic OR x1     
  • Crowtail - Logic NOT x1     
  • Crowtail - Flame Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - Moisture Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - Touch Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - Relay x1     
  • Crowtail - Light Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - Thermistor Temperature Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - Vibration Motor x1     
  • Crowtail - Linear Potentiometer x1     
  • Crowtail - Tilt Switch x1    
  • Crowtail - Sound Sensor x1     
  • Crowtail - 4-Digit Display x1
  • Cable x 10
  • USB cable x 1
  • Battery case x 1
  • User manual x 1

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