Arduino Due (Compatible) ARM Cortex Atmel SAM3X8E (w/o USB Cable)

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This is the new version of our Due Arm Cortex board that is fully compatible with the Arduino Due. This Atmel SAM3X8E improves all the Arduino programming functionalities and adds more new features.


Physical Features

  • 54 digital input/output pins (12 cn be used as PWM outputs with seletable resolution)
  • 12 analog inputs with 12 bit of resolution *4 UARTs(hardware serial ports)
  • 2 DAC ouputs (digital-analog converter)
  • 84 MHz crystal oscillator
  • 2 USB connections
  • power jack
  • ICSP header
  • JTAG header
  • reset button



  • CPU Clock at 84Mhz.
  • 96 KBytes of SRAM
  • 512 KBytes of Flash memory for code
  • a DMA controller, that can relieve the CPU from doing memory intensive tasks.
  • Microcontroller : AT91SAM3X8E
  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V
  • Input Voltage (recommended) : 7-12V
  • Input Voltage (limit) : 6-20V
  • DC Current Pins : 800mA

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