4-Channel MOSFET Switch module IRFS40 for Arduino

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MOSFET is an electronic device with good switching characteristics. It is widely used in circuits, such as power supplies, switching, motors, lighting attenuator, etc. The relay is another type of module with switching characteristics. Since the relay works depending on the mechanical contacts to open or close. In this way, it is inevitable that the relay will stop working while the switching time is too short. And dad's sound made by relay in some situations is annoying.

We designed a 4-channel MOSFET switch. It can supply up to four groups of electronic switches to control different circuit blocks respectively. Limited by the principles of operation, the MOSFET can only be used to control the DC circuit, such as the DC-LED screen, etc., but it is not suitable for the control of the AC circuit.

In some extreme cases, it can be used to control the 100 V / 33A DC circuit. However, it is suggested that the controlled DC voltage is more than 9 V.


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