7805 5V Linear regulator module 1.5A

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7805 5V Linear regulator module uses full-wave bridge rectifier, AC, DC can be input, and regardless of positive and negative input. Filter with two 35V 220UF large-capacity electrolytic capacitors to do the buffer filter, the output current can be stable and smooth. L7805 with heat sink, and 3A rectifier bridge, to meet the large current continuous output.


1) 3A rectifier bridge (AC and DC can be input)
2) high voltage withstand voltage (220UF) 2*35V
3) high-quality heat sink (supporting heat sink to strengthen heat dissipation)
4) 1.5A high current chip (the same as the general use of the net product is 1.2A and the following, the use of materials)


DIY power supply, power monitoring, experimental power supply, camera power, automotive power supply, and communications equipment supply.

Other parameters:

  • Module size: 43mm * 20mm
  • Input Voltage (Withstand Voltage):
  • DC: 8 ~ 15V
  • AC: 6 ~ 12V

Output characteristics:

  • Load regulation: 100mV
  • Quiescent Current: 8mA
  • Output noise voltage: 42uV
  • Input and output pressure: 2V
  • Output impedance: 15mΩ
  • Peak current: 1.5A

Package Includes:
1x  7805 5V Linear regulator module 1.5A

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