DC-DC Buck-Boost Step Up/Down Converter Module 1.25~26V to 3.5~28V 3A

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This module is a step-up and step-down converter and integrates lm2596 and lm2577

In+: Input positive
In-: Input negative
Out+: Output positive
Out-: Output negative
Size: 53x38x21 (length*width*height)(mm)
Weight: 32g

Boost mode:
Input voltage: 3.5-28V
Output voltage: 1.25-26V(Adjustable)
Output voltage independent of input voltage (3.5V-28V input, any value output 1.25V-26V).

Buck Mode:
Maximum input current 3A.
Maximum output 3A.
Input current: Rated current is 1A
Output current: Rated current is 1A

Output voltage and input voltage-independent. Because switching frequency is low, when the input current is large the inductance will be some high-frequency noise, which does not affect the use.

Package Included:
1 x  DC-DC Buck-Boost Step Up/Down  Converter Module

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