Step-up Boost Power Supply module 3.3V/5V/6V to 12V 1.2A max Voltage Regulator

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  • Input voltage 3~6V, output 12V
  • Maximum input current: 1.2A
  • Long-term work Current: 1A
  • Conversion efficiency: 80-90%
  • 2A current limiting resistor. Remove the resistance, the maximum input current can reach 2A.
  • But IC has, "Over Temperature Protection" Function. It will turn off the power MOSFET automatically when the internal junction temperature is over 150 °. The power MOSFET wake up when the junction temperature drops 30 ° under the OTP threshold temperature
  • Start Voltage 2.8V, Output Current 50mA
  • Input 3V 1A; Output 12V 220mA
  • Input 3.3V 1A; Output 12V 250mA
  • Input 3.7V 1A; Output 12V 280mA
  • Input 4.5V 1A; Output 12V 340mA
  • Input 5V 1A; Output 12V 370mA
  • Input 6V 1A; Output 12V 450mA
  • DC-DC Boost module working frequency 1.0MHZ.
  • Operating ambient temperature: -40~+85 Degrees Celsius
  • 54mm pin pitch, FOR ARDUINO UNO DUE Breadboard FPGA/CPLD Development Board friendly.


  • MCU Development Board, FPGA/CPLD UNO MEGA2560 DUE 8051 AVR C8051, etc
  • PLC Modbus RS485
  • VCR
  • PDA
  • LED Lighting
  • 12V Relay board
  • Wireless communication equipment
  • 315M 433M Wireless remote controller
  • Size (not include pin): (L*W) 2.05*1.00cm/0.81"*0.39"(Approx.)


This is a DC-DC voltage converter module, Must be noted when using:

  1. Input voltage can not be greater than the maximum input range
  2. Output power cannot be greater than the maximum load for a long time
  3. Input power must be greater than the output power because the power consumption of the module itself

Package Included:

1x  Step-up Boost Power Supply module 3.3V/5V/6V to 12V 1.2A

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