RAKWireless RAK5205 LoRA Tracker SMA ( 433MHz / 868MHz )

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The RAK5205 LPWAN Tracker Board is built upon the RAK811. At its core is an STM32L1 microcontroller driving Semtech® SX1276/78 LoRa® chip.

GPS is present as well as a number of sensors. The aforementioned makes the board suitable for rapid application development, such as asset tracking, vehicle management, location-based services, environmental monitoring, etc. Additionally, because of its low power consumption in sleep mode, it can provide a long-lasting solution for any battery-powered project.

The support for AT commands makes configuration a breeze. For advanced users is open source support in case a custom firmware is required.

Complete documentation of this product can be found on our website documentation page. 

Key Features

    • RAK811 (Semtech® 1276/78 + STM32L1) at its core
    • Ublox Max 7Q GPS Module Built-in
    • Bosch BME680 Sensor (Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, Gas)
    • LIS3DH 3-axis Accelerometer
    • Works in Battery/Solar Power Mode
    • Sleep Mode consumption down to 14.6uA
    • Custom AT command Firmware
    • Full LoRaWAN™ 1.0.2 Stack Support
    • Interfaces Include I2C, UART, and ADC
    • 96Boards compatible form factor (30pin header)


    • Board Dimension: 60mm x 30mm x 11.45mm
    • Board Weight: Approximately 5.64 oz
    • Package Inclusions:
        • RAK5205 Board
        • GPS antenna
        • LoRa® antenna
        • Jumpers
        • DuPont Lines
        • Micro USB Cable

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