RAKWireless LoRA Gateway Discovery Kit ( 433MHz / 868MHz )

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The LPWAN Gateway Discover Kit is a complete LoRaWAN® gateway solution. It comes pre-assembled, out of the box. You only need to flash the latest Firmware to have a fully functioning Gateway. It is quick to deploy and open to a developer (Raspbian based).

Complete documentation of this product can be found on its documentation page in our knowledge base.

Key Features

  • Fully functioning LoRaWAN® Multichannel Concentrator module (SX1301)
  • Tx Power up to 27dBm
  • Rx Sensitivity down to -139dBm
  • Improved noise resistance due to improved RF chain filtering (Additional SAW)
  • Full LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 stack support
  • Supported bands: (EU433, CN470, IN865, EU868, AU915, US915, KR920, AS920, and AS923)
  • Integrated Ublox MAX-7Q GPs Module
  • 40pin female header (fully compatible with Raspberry Pi)
  • Redesigned heat sink for better thermal dissipation and reduced thermal noise
  • Comes with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ the required antennas and an SD card.


  • Board Dimensions: 0 x 87.0 x 30.0mm
  • Board Weight: Approximately 75g (2.6oz)
  • Package Weight: 340g (12oz)

Package Inclusions

  • RAK2245 Pi HAT Board
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • LoRa® Antenna
  • GPS Antenna
  • SD card

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