SMA female to u.FL / IPEX antenna adapter cable assembly

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RF Cable with an SMA female bulkhead connector on the one end, and a UFL/IPX connector on the other, 30cm long. This cable can be used as an antenna extension cable and allows a standard antenna with an SMA male connector(male type, with pin inside connector) to be used with an RF device that has a U.FL connector.

High-Performance Low Loss Pigtail Cable SMA Female to IPX 1.13. This is used to customized PLDT Home Prepaid for it to be able to connect a more powerful external antenna.


  • Model Number: SMA Female to IPX 1.13 RF Cable 
  • Gender: SMA Female Jack to U.FL IPX Connector Pigtail
  • Cord Type: SMA Female Jack to U.FL IPX Connector Pigtail Cord 1.13 Cable
  • Cable Type: 1.13 Coaxial Cable
  • Material: Brass
  • Color: Black
  • Impendence: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency Range:  DC 0-3GHz
  • Voltage Withstand: 1000V maximum
  • Operating Temperature: 45 °C-85  °C


  • RF
  • Lighting
  • Wifi router 
  • Phone antenna

Package Included

1 x U.FL IPEX IPX to SMA/RP-SMA Female Antenna Cable

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