E01-ML01DP5 Ebyte 20dBm NRF24L01+PA+LNA 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module

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    • With the original nRF24L01+ chip which is lower power consumption and strong anti-interference
    • The measured distance can reach to 2500M, shielding function and low-radiation
    • Frequency:2.4GHz
    • Max Power:100mW
    • With a FREE 2.4G SMA Antenna
    • Industrial standard module which has passed CE and ISO9001 Certification


    • Power Supply:2.0V--3.6VDC
    • Center frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Component source: Imported components
    • Features: With shielding cover, Strong anti-interference force
    • Module Size: 18 x 33mm
    • Interface method: 2 x 4 x 2.54mm (can use universal board or Dupont Line)
    • Power Supply: 2.0V—3.6VDC
    • Communication interface: Standard SPI mode
    • Transceiver length: Single packet: 1—32 bytes, 3 FIFO buffer
    • Receiving Sensitivity: -106dBm/250Kbps -96dbm/1Mbps -92dbm/2Mbps
    • Measured distance: 2500M
    • Communications levels: 0.7VDD--5.2VDC
    • Maximum power: 20dBm (about 100mW)
    • Gbps: 250k,1M,2M, Adjustable
    • Emission current: 95mA
    • Sinks current: 20mA
    • Communication interface: Standard SPI mode
    • Transceiver length:single packet: 1-32 bytes, 3 FIFO buffer
    • RSSI support: Only support packet loss statistics
    • Working temps: -30?~+85?
    • Working Humidity: <90% RH
    • Storage Temp: -40?~+125?
    • Operating frequency: 2400MHz-2525MHz(1MHz step )


1. Static electricity: High-frequency simulators is electrostatically sensitive. Please avoid to direct contact with the electronic components on the stencil as much as possible.
2. Power supply: Power quality has a greater impact on the performance of the module. Make sure that the module power supply has a small ripple and avoid large power jitter.
3. Crystal: If there is a crystal near the circuit board where this module is located, increase the linear distance between it and the crystal oscillator as much as possible.
4. Temperature, humidity, and co-channel interference will result in increased packet loss.
5. The ground absorbs: The test results near the ground are less than ideal.
6. Metal object: The antenna attachment has a metal object, or placed in a metal shell, the signal attenuation will be more serious.
7. Setting: The power register is set incorrectly and the air speed is set too high. (the higher the air speed, the closer the distance)

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