RFID / NFC tag, 13.56MHz

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NFC (Near Field Communications) is an exciting new contact-less technology designed to provide countless opportunities for innovative, effective marketing.Your customers simply\u201ctap\u201d an NFC enabled mobile against a poster/tag/card/key-fob that contains rich contents. Achieved by simply setting as long as your mobile phone touch the NFC label,that can keep the mobile phone to be automatic action the tasks,For example:set up the alarm clock, send text messages, open the bluetooth, switch mode, open the web page, Open music,Close bluetooth,share business card... still have a lot of interesting things waiting for you!!


    • Product Name:13.56MHZ NFC RFID tag
    • Type:NFC RFID tag
    • Chip: Ntag203
    • Capacity: 144byte(137 bytes available for NDEF formatting)
    • Size: 28x31.5mm
    • Protocol: ISO14443A
    • Read/write Times: 100000 times
    • Thickness: 3.2mm
    • Material: PVC/PET
    • Antenna: Aluminum Foil
    • Read Distance: 3-10cm (depends on the card reader and antenna)
    • Working frequency: 13.56Mhz
    • Reading and writing time: 1 to 2 ms
    • Working temperature: -40 \u00b0C~ 65 \u00b0C
    • Store temperature: -25 \u00b0C ~50 \u00b0C
    • Erase times :  > 100000 times
    • Data storage: > 10 years
    • Warranty: 100% test before send out

Mobile phone sign in, access control and management, public transport charge, the parking lot;Ticket fee, attendance card, validation, product identification, identity authentication, etc.

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