ISD1820 Recording voice module AB390

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ISD1820 Voice Recording Recorder Module With Mic Sound Audio Loudspeaker

    • First, the main chip: ISD1820
    • Second, size: 38mm * 42.5mm
    • Third, operating voltage: DC 3 ~ 5V
    • Fourth, the main features of
      1, it is easy to use 10 seconds of voice recording
      2, high-quality, natural voice restored
      3, can be used as a propaganda module
      4, with the loop, jog playback, single-pass play function
      5, available microcontroller control
      6, the module can directly drive 8 ohm 0.5W small speaker
    • Power supply:3-5V, Can be accessed by pin power;
    • Recording and playback control:Key control or single-chip, control linesIOHas been elicited;
    • Press to control the recording and playback operation method:
      1. REC key: Recording button, press and hold can be recorded, release the button to stop recording;
      2. PLAYE key: Trigger mode playback, click to play the current entire paragraph of the voice;
      3. PLAYL key: Jog mode playback, press and hold before playback, release to stop playback;
      4. RPL Jumper: Loop mode control, can be looped;
      5. FT Jumper: Through control, can make the microphone head voice to the speaker playback;
    • Microphone to be tuned to the speaker.
    • Note: The module output power is small, so the sound is also small, it is recommended to meet our miniature digital audio amplifier board and use 3W Speakers, can be used to achieve greater sound effects.

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