MG996R High Torque Servo Motor Metal Gear ( 180° / 360° rotation )

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Rotation: 180°
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The MG996R is a metal gear servo motor with a maximum stall torque of 11 kg/cm. Like other RC servos the motor rotates from 0 to 180 / 360 degree based on the duty cycle of the PWM wave supplied to its signal pin.

Wire Configuration

Wire Number Wire Color Description
1 Brown Ground wire connected to the ground of system
2 Red Powers the motor typically +5V is used
3 Orange PWM signal is given in through this wire to drive the motor

MG996R Servo Motor Features

    • Operating Voltage is +5V typically
    • Current: 2.5A (6V)
    • Stall Torque: 9.4 kg/cm (at 4.8V)
    • Maximum Stall Torque: 11 kg/cm (6V)
    • Operating speed is 0.17 s/60°
    • Gear Type: Metal
    • Rotation : 180° / 360°
    • Weight of motor : 55gm
    • Package includes gear horns and screws

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