Vibration Motor 6V High Torque

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This large 6V Vibration motor is effectively a DC motor with an off center weight at the end of the motor shaft. When spun, the motor will vibrate. These are ideal for making large brushbots, basic force feedback systems, or even small vibration tables. The higher the voltage, the higher the vibration intensity. The motor draws approximately 0.45A at 6V and spins at 18000 RPM.


  • Rated voltage: 6V
  • Voltage range: 3-6V
  • Motor parameters: 6V voltage, the idling current is about 0.45 A, and the blocking current is about 1.88 A, and the speed is about 18000 revolutions per minute
  • Length 3.2cm* width 2cm* height 1.53cm
    (axis length) 13MM (no stair height)
  • Shaft diameter: 2mm
  • Motor steps: 1.5mm height, 6mm in diameter
  • Earthquake head size: 5.5* diameter 8mm, cast iron

Package Includes:
1x Vibration Motor 6V High Torque
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