DFRobot URM06-UART Ultrasonic Sensor

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 Ultrasonic sensors emit ultrasonic pulses, and by measuring the time of ultrasonic pulse reaches the object and back to the transducer, the distance of sensor from the target object is calculated. They are widely used in detecting displacement, thickness, distance, water level, material level and transparent objects. 

The URM06 - UART Ultrasonic sensor provides very short to long-range detection and ranging from 20cm ~ 10m, comes in a compact, robust PVC housing and matches 35mm electrical pipe mounting. It comes with UART interface and works at high output acoustic power. The ultrasonic sensor detects objects from 20cm to 1000cm and provides range information with 1cm resolution. The URM06 has 15 degree beam angle which has excellent receive sensitivity. And it works best when detecting soft targets. The similar sensors are widely used in professional mobile robot systems such as Pioneer robots.


    • Working Voltage: 6V-12V (5V is acceptable but not recommended)
    • Default Bandrate: 19200
    • Rated Current: 16mA
    • Peek Current: 2A
    • Interface: UART
    • Working Frequency: 49.5KHZ
    • Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃
    • Detecting Angle: 15°(-6dB)
    • Detecting Range: 20cm ~ 10m(7.87"~393.7")
    • Size: 50mm(diameter)*43mm(length)
    • Mounting Thread Diameter: 35mm(1.38")
    • Weight: 50g


    • robot navigation
    • obstacle avoidance
    • measuring distance devices
    • engineering measurement tools
    • industrial control system

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