BH1750 FVI Digital Light Intensity Sensor GY-30

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BH1750 FVI Digital Light Sensor Module is a carrier board for light intensity sensor BH1750 FVI. The range of the board is between 0lx and 65535lx. The board has built in AD converter and it has digital output. The board communicates via I2C protocol.


    • Chip: BH1750 FVI
    • Power Supply: 3-5v
    • Illuminance range: 0-65535 Lux
    • The sensor has a built-in 16bit AD converter
    • Direct digital output, omitting complex calculations and calibration
    • No distinction between ambient light sources
    • Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity
    • High-precision measurement of lux for a wide range of brightness
    • I2C interface
    • The module contains communication level conversion and is  directly connected with 5v IO
    • Dimension: 32.6x 15.1mm

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