Straight Bar Load Cell/Strain Gauge 100kg

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  • The item is made of alloy steel, hermetically welded/sealed by adhesive inside,oil-proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion.
  • Safe and anti-explosive products.
  • Can be used in atrocious environment and hazardous areas.
  • It is suitable for crane scale, mechanical conversion scale, hopper scale, and other electronic weighing devices.
  • S beam design, tension and/or compression loading possible, easy installation
Connection mode:
  • red: power supply +
  • black: power -
  • green: signal +
  • white: signal -


  • Max capacities: 100Kg
  • Output impedance: 350 ± 3ohm
  • Insulation resistance: More than 2000megohm
  • Input impedance: 365 ± 5 ohm
  • Size: 2.95x1.97 inch
  • Weight: 657g

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