Metal Detector / Metal Induction Sensor

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100% brand new and high-quality Metal Detector
Working voltage: 3-5V DC
Dimension: 66X61MM
Max detector distance: 2CM ~ 5CM
This is an Electronic DIY KIT, soldering experience is required. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is provided with the DIY KIT and it needs to be soldered, hence the name DIY KIT. The new board simple metal detector kit with a 1.6mm double-sided fiberglass board does. The parameters of the components are printed directly on the PCB, which can be directly soldered without referring to the circuit diagram, which is quite convenient. All required electronic parts are provided, please refer to the pictures for more details.

Games and entertainment, security checks, searches the body of metal products, including cell phones, knives, etc., according to the production principle, also can be designed according to the principles of this package produce cars detection, traffic statistics, elevator floor control, production equipment position detection production equipment design, electronic product design, development of amusement equipment, metal proximity switches.

This detector is only used for experiments, and for fun.  It can not be used to go treasure hunting.

Package List: 
Diy Simple Metal Detector Metal Locator  Kit DC 3V-5V Electronic Metal Sensor Module Induction Suite

  • 1pc PCB board
  • 1pc Buzzer
  • 1pc 100UF25V electrolytic capacitors
  • 2pcs 104 ceramic capacitor
  • 2pcs 222 polyester capacitors
  • 1pc 220k resistor 0.25w
  • 1pc 2.2k resistor 0.25w
  • 1pc 100 ohm blue potentiometer
  • 1pc 9018 transistor
  • 1pc 9015 transistor
  • 1pc 9012 transistor

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