MH-Z14A NDIR Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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  1. Three ways signal output; (analog output / serial port UCHAR output)
  2. The serial port Uchar signal can be accessed microcontroller IO serial port; (TTL level 9,600, N, 8,1)
  3. Analog linear output 0.4-2V, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage;
  4. With PWM modulation waveform output, read more convenient;
  5. The module uses (NDIR) infrared technology for carbon dioxide has a good choice;
  6. The module is lightweight, small in size, long life, good stability, and so on.
  7. This module can be widely used in HVAC and air quality monitoring, industrial process and safety monitoring, agricultural and
    livestock production process monitoring, and fresh air system carbon dioxide detection.


  • working voltage: DC4-6V
  • the working current: 50mA average | – peak 100mA
  • the detection range: 0-5000ppm
  • detection accuracy: ± 50ppm
  • preheating time: 180S
  • analog output voltage: 0.4-2V (linear output)
  • digital output: serial data output (9600, N, 8,1)
  • response time: ≤ 30S
  • working temperature: 0 ~ 60 ℃
  • working humidity: 0 ~ 90% RH
  • storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃
  • the service life: 5 years
  • size: 57mm × 35mm × 15mm
  • the weight of size: 17g

Package included:

1 x MH-Z14A NDIR Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor
1x Connecting Wires

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