TEC1-12706 12V 6A 40*40MM TEC semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier (TEC1-12706)

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The TEC1-12706 40×40 mm Thermoelectric Cooler 6A Peltier Module is the simple application of the Peltier Thermoelectric Effect. The thermoelectric cooler is also known as TEC or Peltier Module creates a temperature differential on each side. One side gets hot and the other side gets cool.

  • Get ice cold in minutes or heat to boiling by simply reversing the polarity, used for numerous applications from CPU
  • Coolers to alternate power sources, or even for your own
  • Custom car drinks warmer/cooler.
  • Since they consist primarily of semiconductor material sandwiched between
  • Ceramic plates and have no moving parts
  • These devices must be used in conjunction with a heat sink to avoid burned
  • Each device is fully inspected and tested
  • Fitted with 6-inch insulated leads
  • Model: TEC1-12706
  • External dimensions: 40 * 40 * 3.75mm
  • Internal resistance: 2.1 ~ 2.4Ω (ambient temperature of 23 ± 1 'C, 1kHZ Ac test)
  • The maximum temperature difference:  Tmax (Qc = 0) above 59 'C.
  • Working current: Imax = 4.3-4.6A (rated at 12V), Nominal: 6 A.
  • Rated voltage: 12V (Vmax: 15V starting current 5.8A)
  • Cooling power: Qcmax 55W
  • Working environment: temperature range -55 'C ~ 83'C (high ambient temperature drop directly affect the cooling efficiency)
  • Color: White

Package Include:

1x TEC1-12706 12V 6A TEC Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier

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