Hall Effect (Magnetic) Sensor with Analog & Digital Outputs

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Hall Sensor Magnetic Sensor 3144E Hall sensor magnetic uses a 5V power supply. When there is a magnetic field through the sensor, it will give a value of 1 to the OUT pin. Easy to use detecting position, counting motor speed, magnetic switch.


  • Size: LxWxH 34mmX 15mmX high 14mm 
  • The main chip: LM393, 3144 Hall sensor magnetic sensing probe 
  • Working voltage: DC 5V 
  • The Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor can be used to detecting the presence (or absence!) of nearby objects such as magnets.
  • If no magnetic field is present, the signal line of the sensor is HIGH (on digital out). If a magnetic field is presented to the sensor, the signal line goes LOW (on digital out), at the same time the LED (blue) on the sensor lights up. 
  • The distance detection to a magnetic object can be adjusted via the potentiometer on board.
  • It also has the Analog output, to determine the magnitude of a magnetic field or the distance to an object.
  • The polarity of the magnetic field is of influence to the switching action. The front side of the sensor needs the opposite polarity as the back of the sensor to switch on.

The characteristics Hall Sensor:

  • A signal output indication
  • With mounting holes to facilitate fixed installation; 
  • The output valid signal is low;                 
  • Sensitivity adjustable (fine tuning); 
  • High magnetic induction detection sensitivity; 
  • The circuit board output switch, can be directly connected microcontroller IO port; 
  • Can be used for motor speed, position detection and other occasions.


  • GND =  to GND
  • VCC =  to 5V
  • DO = to any Digital P/O
  • AO = to any Analog Input

Package includes:
1 x Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor
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