Simple DC Voltage Sensor, VDC 25V

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  • This DC voltage sensor can detect voltage from 0 to 25V. The sensor is based on the resistance points pressure principle, and it can make the input voltage of the red terminal reduce 5 times of original voltage.
  • The max Arduino analog input voltage is 5 V, so the input voltage of this module should be no more than 5 V x 5 = 25 V ( if for a 3.3 V system, the input voltage should be no more than 3.3 V x 5 = 16.5 V ).
  • Because the Arduino AVR chip has 10 bit AD, so this module simulation resolution is 0.00489 V (5 V / 1023), and the input voltage of this module should be more than 0.00489 V x 5 = 0.02445 V.
  1. Input voltage range: DC0-25V
  2. Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V-25V
  3. Analog voltage resolution: 0.00489V
  4. Output interface: “+” connected to 5 / 3.3V, “-” connected to GND, “s” connected to advertising pins
  5. DC input interface: positive with decoder, negative with GND

Package Inclusion:

1pc Simple DC Voltage Sensor, VDC 25V

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