2.13" Monochrome eInk / ePaper Display with 122x250 Pixels

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The 2.13-inch E-paper Display offers a high-quality, low-power solution for a wide range of applications.The 2.13 inch E-paper Display with a 122x250 pixel active area and 1-bit white/black full display capabilities. It features high contrast, high reflectance, ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-low power consumption, and pure reflective mode. The display is bi-stable, operates in commercial temperature range, and has landscape and portrait modes. It is available in COG package IC thickness 280um and has an on-chip display RAM and waveform stored in On-chip OTP. The display also has a serial peripheral interface available, an on-chip oscillator, an on-chip booster, and regulator control for generating VCOM, Gate, and source driving voltage. E-Paper, short for Electronic Paper, is a type of display technology that aims to mimic the appearance of traditional paper and ink. E-Paper displays use tiny microcapsules containing charged particles suspended in a liquid to produce images. E-Paper displays offer advantages over traditional displays, including better readability like paper, visibility in sunlight, low energy consumption, thin design, wide viewing angles, and longer battery life. E-Paper is often used in e-readers, electronic shelf labels, smartwatches, and other devices where energy efficiency and readability are essential.

·         Exceptional Readability: The display's reflective properties ensure effortless legibility of text and images in different lighting environments.

·         Ultra-Low Power Usage: E-paper only consumes power during updates, leading to prolonged battery life and efficient energy use.

·         Wide Viewing Angles: Greater than 170 degrees, unaffected by light direction.

·         Flexibility and Portability: Allowing bending and curling for versatile applications.

·         Eye-Friendly and Heat-free: Eliminate glare, providing a comfortable viewing experience while remaining cool without generating heat


·         Model No.: GDEY0213B74

·         Type: Dot Matrix

·         Size: 2.13 inch

·         Active Area(mm): 48.55 x 23.7046

·         Resolution: 122 x 250 pixels

·         Pixel Pitch(mm): 0.1943 x 0.1942

·         Display Color: Black, White

·         Grayscale: 4

·         Partial Refresh Time: 0.42s

·         Full Refresh Time: 3s

·         Interface: SPI

·         Connector: 24 Pin PFC, 0.5mm Pitch

·         Viewing Angle: >170°

·         Operating Voltage: 3.3V

·         Operating Temperature: 0-50°C

·         Driver Mode: Support XIAO/STM32/Arduino/MicroPython

·         Drawing: Support GUI Drawing

·         Power Consumption: 10.5mW (typ.)

·         Standby Consumption: 0.003mW

·         Outline Dimension(mm): 59.2 x 29.2 x 1.00

·         Weight: 3.2g


·         Reading Equipment

·         Mobile device

·         Electronic tags and price tags

·         Smart Wearables

·         Electronic Shelf Labels

·         Smart Card

Package Included:
1x 2.13" Monochrome eInk / ePaper Display with 122x250 Pixels
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