Creality Ender-3 Bowden Tube [Resolved!]


One of the best budget printers out there is the Ender 3 from Creality as it is popular for many 3D Printer enthusiasts and ideal for beginner. Despite its many positive characteristics and qualities, the Ender 3 it is not exempted to a well-known common problem: The Bowden tube.

The common question that is frequently asked while printing in Ender 3 is...

"Why does the Bowden Tube keep popping out of the coupling?"

Many Ender 3 users have claimed that the Bowden tube occasionally pops off which hinders the smooth 3D printing operation.

Today, we've got two neat tips from various feedback and reviews from other users to solve the problem. So by the end of the blog, ideally, the issues are resolved and you can enjoy your 3D Printing experience!

BUT before that! Let's talk about the Bowden Extruder and the Bowden Tube first:


Bowden Extruder

The Bowden extruder is responsible for moving the filament out of the Bowden tube. Using Bowden extruder has a lot of pros such like smoother movements and its weight as less weight means faster and quieter prints. 

The Bowden extruder, which is mounted on the z-axis profile, is located on the left side of the device. for assembling and identifying the components you can refer to this project as it provide tips on how to calibrate and print your own output. 

Bowden Tube:

Bowden tube is normally attached to  push-fit adapters, fittings or couplings to guide the FILAMENT from the extruder to the moving hot end, preventing the plastic from bending or stretching through continuous movement. 

You can purchase your own Filament at CreateLabz Store as they provide  a lot of different colors including your favorites!


These are the TWO WAYS that we have gathered to solve the Bowden tube problem:

  • Secure the PTFE tube by using a zip tie

This solution is very effective but it is just for temporary use.
Insert a zip tie or any thin strips available to secure the bowden tube from popping out unto the extruder.

The temporary solution is effective as I have completed a 40-minute 3D printing job. Some users have reported that this method has lasted 6 hours or more for them.

For a long-term solution...

  • Replace or Print a Bowden Clamp

While the Creality Ender 3 kit includes a free bowden clamp, certain owners have suggested that the clamp could have been better. The next solution is to print your own Bowden Clamp in 3D.

We used this model from Thingiverse to secure the Bowden tube to the extruder coupling.

For software introduction and thorough information on printing, refer to this PROJECT.


            The problem with the bowden tube was one of the issues many 3D-Printer owners and hobbyists have encountered. This is very popular and needs to be addressed in a majority of 3D Printer companies. If DIY isn't in your lane, upgrading your couplings is the best choice for you.



Ender 3 bowden tube popping out : 3Dprinting (



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